Delivering for you and your Medicare members

Uno enrolls and re-certifies your Medicare members in all state and federal programs they are eligible for - putting thousands of dollars in their pockets and unlocking direct revenue and savings for your plan.

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3 ways Uno delivers revenue for Medicare organizations

Our team leverages technology to enroll your members in all the programs they are eligible for, improving their lives while you earn and save.

Immediate Revenue

Over 30% of Medicare members eligible for Medicaid and Medicare Savings Program (MSP) are not enrolled. That’s over $8 billion a year in risk adjustment revenue that isn’t being captured by insurers. Uno’s algorithms identify these members in your population and our experienced case management staff handles end-end enrollment, delivering unparalleled conversion rates.

Average annual risk adjustment revenue per member in 2020

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Reduced medical expenses

Members eligible but not enrolled in Medicaid and MSP are also likely eligible for dozens of cost-saving programs like utility, prescription and phone assistance. That means they're missing out on thousands of dollars in financial support. With a bit more cash, seniors are more likely to be able to afford their prescriptions, a decent meal and a safe home - and less likely to end up in the hospital, creating savings for you.

Uno Virtuous Cycle

Increased enrollment & retention

Generating savings for low-income seniors is one of the fastest ways of building trust - and their perception of you. Attract members to your plan and keep them longer by offering enrollment into cost-saving programs. Uno also ensures that your members are enrolled in the best plan for their needs, for example moving them into a D-SNP/dual plan once enrolled in Medicaid.

Flexible and powerful solution

1. Enroll seniors in ALL gov programs they are eligible for.

Uno identifies eligible but not enrolled members, then outreaches and enrolls them in all programs they are eligible for.

2. Personalize and optimize benefits to their full effect.

Uno uses smart logic and workflow to help members utilize their benefits to their full potential — like using SNAP on home-delivered groceries if they have trouble leaving the home.

3. Precisely target members for additional non-clinical providers.

When the gov programs can՚t meet a member՚s needs but there՚s still the potential to generate significant savings, Uno matches members to the best combination of providers.

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Our Founders

We’re a pair of healthcare nerds who have worked within Medicare Advantage plans to pass CMS audits, stand up core insurance operations, design new insurance products and shift the needle on medical expenses. We also have experience building technology solutions that service the needs of millions, at places like Google and the US Digital Service.

Anna de Paula Hanika

CEO / Cofounder

Chloe Phitoussi

CPO / Cofounder

Our Investors