High-tech meets high-touch

Uno is a comprehensive, technology-driven member engagement platform that helps plans maximize Part C revenue and manage cost of care. We lead the industry in engagement, giving your members easy ways to increase their savings so they stay happy, healthy, and loyal to your plan.

What you get with Uno

Radically simplify eligibility, enrollment, and benefit matching for your members

Subsidy Enrollment

We lower your members’ costs by enrolling them into government subsidy programs

Plan Optimization

When appropriate, we support members switching to a plan that’s a better fit

Benefits Matching

We close any remaining gaps by matching member needs to your benefits

Why organizations choose Uno

Enhance your member satisfaction, loyalty, and Part C revenue.

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Immediate Revenue


PMPY Part C revenue you gain immediately

Member Savings


average each of your members saves per year with Uno



Net churn reduction by working with Uno



increase in stars measures for plans working with Uno

Medical Spend


PMPY savings on average

Guaranteed ROI


net return

Partner Testimonials

Uno truly understands both plan and member needs. We were extremely excited to finally find a company that brings together all the pieces around managing end-to-end eligibility and enrollments for our members”

Kortney Cruz, VP Medicare Sales and Marketing
Independence Blue Cross

There are other vendors out there who manage one piece of the puzzle. Uno packages up a more holistic solution that prioritizes the member, and provides an incredibly relevant service that has an immediate impact on their health and well-being. "

Jessica DuPont (VP of Government Programs)
Alliant Health Plans

Uno has delivered enormous value for our members and offers a powerful retention solution for us, providing $100s of dollars for members.”

Audrey Mahoney, COO
Braven Health

Member Stories

Member since 2023
His Scenario
For Samuel, music is everything. He’s the former frontman of a rockin’ band, the “Rappors.” Spent over 30 years working in the insurance industry, but never knew about potential savings he could qualify for at his age.
How Uno Helped:
Uno saves him $170 every month through the Medicare Savings Program.
With his monthly savings…
Samuel and his partner value spontaneity! With these savings from Uno, they’re happy to have options: they can use the savings to cover bills so they have the ability to plan a vacation together.
Debbie & Gary
Member since 2023
Their Story:
An aquarius and scorpio defying all odds as a couple, Debbie and Gary care deeply for one another. Nothing matters more than spending time with their grandchildren.
How Uno Helped:
Uno ensured Deb's $170 monthly Medicare Part B Premium was almost entirely covered through the Medicare Savings Program. By enrolling both Debbie and Gary in the PACE program, Uno saves them hundreds of dollars each month on prescriptions.
With their monthly savings…
Debbie and Gary focus on the essentials: food on the table and time with family. Having their health taken care of allows them to focus their time where it matters most—seeing their grandchildren grow, and spending many more healthy years together as a couple.
Member since 2023
His Scenario
Barry’s a motorhead at heart. He rekindled his love of motorcycle repair work when he retired in Florida – on his wife’s suggestion, of course!
How Uno Helped
Uno enrolled Barry in the Medicare Savings Program and SNAP to help with groceries. They’re saving more than $300 a month.
What’d they do with the savings
Barry's able to keep their house pristine clean with the extra money, spending more time working on bikes with—and for—his son.


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