Save money, get better care.

Let Uno handle the complexity to get you the care and savings you deserve.


5 minute
savings check

Answer a few questions, and we’ll let you know which programs you qualify for and what you could save.



Easily upload, fax, or send us documents required to enroll in savings programs. You’ll need to gather the following kinds of documents to enroll:


Driver’s license, passport, state ID
To make sure the benefits you qualify for go to the right person

Income & Assets

Bank statement, social security award letter, life insurance policy to determine benefits you qualify for.


Recent utility bill, medical bills, rent/mortgage statement To determine the level of savings you can get: the higher your expenses for basic needs (medical care, food, utilities, etc), the more you will receive in savings


Savings in your pocket—every month

Once you’ve submitted your documents, you’ll typically start seeing savings in about one month. Some benefits may even get backdated! Check your status on the portal anytime.

Automatic savings

Once you’ve enrolled, the benefits continue each month.

Personal support

We’re just a call, text, email, or click away—here for you and ready to help.

Uno Benefits

You’re probably missing out on benefits you're entitled to. 50% of Medicare members are missing out on thousands of dollars in savings and additional benefits. Uno helps you identify which benefits you're leaving on the table, and does all the hard work to get those savings in your pocket, ASAP.

Doctor visits

Pay as little as $0 on medical bills


Discounts and free home delivery


Save up to $2,400/year

Phone & Internet

Save up to $360/year


Save up to $2,000/year

Vision, Dental, & Transportation

Supplemental coverage

Health Insurance

Save up to $35 on premiums
and co-pays

Frequently asked questions

Uno helps you make the most of your Medicare Advantage (MA) plan by enrolling you in money-saving programs. These programs, funded by state and federal government, make it cheaper to get care and basic needs like food, shelter, and utilities. The government pays MA plans to enroll members in these programs. But enrolling members isn’t an MA plan’s core business—they have the important job of providing coverage to their members—and that’s where Uno comes in.

MA plans partner with Uno to enroll members in these programs. We work with you, the MA plan member, to get you everything you deserve. This includes making it easy to enroll in cost-saving state and government programs and making sure you’re getting the most out of your plan, accessing benefits like dental, vision, and hearing aids. In the end, you get more from Medicare—better care at a lower cost. MA plans partner with Uno to provide this benefit to their members, and in doing so, earn revenue from the government. Uno earns a small fee from MA plans for this service, but only when you actually save money and gain real benefits.

For more information, see our How it Works page.

Uno is a free benefit included with your Medicare Advantage plan. Working with us is completely free for you.

Uno is a special benefit provided by your insurance to make sure you get the most out of your plan and benefits. We partner with your MA plan, doing the legwork to help you access everything you’re eligible for—from reduced copay, premium, and prescription costs to savings on groceries to a little extra pocket change for what’s important to you. Our job is to make your Medicare plan work for you.

If you have any concerns about Uno, or want to know if Uno works with your plan, we recommend calling your MA plan for more information. 

Uno works with MA members of Elevance (Wisconsin and Missouri), Cigna (New York), IBX (Philadelphia), Elderplan (New York), and Healthfirst (Philadelphia).

If Uno isn't connected to your Medicare Advantage plan yet, you can give your plan a call to see if they've considered working with Uno. In the meantime, check with your plan for other helpful resources. We're always growing, so stay tuned for updates.

Medicare Advantage plans often update their benefits in order to support members. If you'd like to start benefiting from Uno's assistance, try reaching out to your plan's customer service and expressing interest in Uno's services.

We ask for your personal details like your address, date of birth, and financial info to make sure everything is accurate and secure when we help you enroll. Government programs also require this information to confirm who you are and what benefits you can access. Your privacy is important to us, and we handle your information with the utmost care. If you have any concerns, feel free to reach out to your plan for additional reassurance or details on how your information is protected. You can also review our privacy policy.

Absolutely not. Our Mission is to empower people to overcome the cost and complexity of healthcare. We only profit when you save money and gain real benefits (see earlier question on how Uno makes money). That said, we know this is an industry that bombards you with ads, solicitations, phone calls, spam, and scams. If you have any concerns whatsoever about the legitimacy or credibility of Uno, please reach out to your plan directly. They have partnered with us to provide you with this service, and should be able to answer any additional questions or concerns. 

First, we can check to see what programs you’re eligible for based on your location, income, and specific needs. This way, you can check to see what you might save with Uno.

Then, we make it easy to enroll in everything you’re qualified for. We’ve streamlined this process so you’ll likely only need to submit 5-7 documents (normally, you’d need over 200).

Uno helps you access programs like (prepare for some acronyms):

- Medicare Savings Program (MSP) - $2,000 back each year from Social Security ($174.70 each month from your part B premium)

- State Pharmaceutical Assistance - Pay no more than $20 for covered prescriptions.

- Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) - Up to $200/month ($2,400 per year) to spend on groceries.

- Lifeline- Save over $100 a year on your phone and broadband bills

- Low - Income Subsidy (LIS)- Pay less for covered prescriptions. Many people pay no more than $9.85 for prescriptions with this program.

- Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) - Save up to $350 a year on your heating bills.

- Medicaid - Reduce healthcare costs to almost $0, with extra coverage for in-home care.

Get started with our savings calculator.

Great — if you already have someone helping coordinate your care, we are happy to work with them to get more from your Medicare. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible for you, your family, and whomever you’ve entrusted to manage things. We have years of experience in navigating this system, and are here to help get the most out of the benefits you deserve. 

Uno Health is a New York based company, but we have benefit experts all over the country and support enrollment across many states.

Uno is a relatively new organization founded in 2018 but is growing quickly and adding new plans as partners every year.

Yes, but it’s a very difficult experience. Eligibility rules and application processes are pretty complicated. As a result, very few people end up enrolling by themselves—part of the reason that over ~50% of individuals eligible for programs are not enrolled.

Absolutely. Our goal is to make sure you access the benefits you deserve, so if you decide to complete the applications yourself, we will always be here to support you. 

Absolutely! We help all members recertify into every program they are enrolled in, whether or not Uno helped them enroll originally.

Your health is incredibly personal, and we value your privacy. To ensure that we are talking to the right person—especially given the sensitivity of the information we handle—we always verify the identity of a member or caregiver every time we speak to you, even if we are the ones reaching out.