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At Uno Health, we understand that navigating Medicare can be complicated, expensive, and overwhelming. That's why we've made it our mission to empower people to overcome the cost and complexity of healthcare by making Medicare easier, more personalized, and more affordable.

The Uno Story

Our founder spent years in healthcare building in-home complex care services for Medicare Advantage members. These older, lower income individuals typically have 10-15 chronic conditions and are often unable to leave their homes. In serving these individuals, our founder discovered a bigger problem:

People are choosing between getting medicine or going hungry.

People with serious conditions are struggling to pay for essentials like food, electricity, and heat. When basic needs are hard to meet, of course getting expensive medical care is out of reach. While there are many Medicare government programs that help cover the cost of healthcare and basic needs for low-income individuals, these programs are incredibly complicated, time-consuming, and difficult to sign up for. As a result, 50% of Medicare members are missing out on thousands of dollars in savings and additional benefits.

That’s why we built Uno. We use technology to simplify this process, partnering with Medicare Advantage plans to connect their members with the savings and benefits they deserve so they can get the best possible care for the best price. Our team of experts help members understand everything they qualify for, with clear, straightforward guidance on getting the most out of their plan and benefits.

The Uno Team

Anna de Paula Hanika

CEO and Founder

Emraan Khan

Head of Partnerships

Liz Ford

Head of Product Operations

Joey Leingang-Hochberg


Ben Curtis

Director of Operations

Lindsey Modesto

VP Finance

Rosa Misas

Enrollment Lead

Max Cantarero

Enrollment Lead

Vanessa Dias

Application Lead

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